Thursday, July 23, 2009

BMC Water Problem (UWA)


MCGM gets e-savvy

MCGM has planned to open documentation centres to computerise important papers used by the government, finds Swati Soni

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) has a stock of files stuck in red tape. This situation has made it impossible to scout through essential documents required for various projects.

“It’s high time we streamline these documents to stop further delay in any government projects. For this, we plan to start documentation centres at Kandivali (E) and Vasant Vihar Complex (Kandivali, W),” reveals Suprabha Marathe, project manager, MCGM.

The plan includes computerisation of documents in four different categories from A to D based on the different departments of the city. “All these documents are important, as they have the details of birth and death, information on property tax and transfer of properties, to name a few. They will be stocked and maintained ward wise for immediate usage,” says Marathe.

In the longer run, the MCGM plans to provide vital information on their portal for all citizens. “Often, citizens have to struggle for basic information. But, once the information is up on the portal, it becomes easier for both, the civic body and citizens, to access it. This will save lot of time for everyone,” hopes Marathe.

Currently, the department is sorting documents from the different sections. “We have started collecting documents from various sections such as housing development, city planning and roads etc with the help of the Science and Technology institute of Pimpri,” reveals Marathe.

In the future, the corporation also plans to allot one room to each section of the civic body for computerised documentation. Hopefully, this step will help cut off a lot of red tape and delay that has been the bane of those seeking civic help.

Swati Soni