Friday, February 20, 2009

Shiv Jayanti festival organised by "Mr. Sachin Chowhan"

National Congress Party’s Mr. Sachin Chowhan, President of Goregaon District, had organised Shiv Jayanti festival at Mhada Ground, Filmstan Studio, Goregaon, East on 18th & 19th of February. The event was organised for the entertainment and welfare of the Goregaon people. Mr. Chowhan is also planning to provide ambulance service for the residents of Goregaon district.

The local resident of Goregaon took part in Body building competition which was organised on 18th of February and a cultural evening was held on 19th of February whereby play named “Jinkuya Daahidisha” written by Gyanesh Maharao was performed.

The chief Guests present for the event were Mrs. Alpanatai Pental, Mahila Agari President, President of National labor Union Mr. Sharad Rao and Mr. Salim Khan Vice-president of national youth committee.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jennifer Aniston in "The Baster"

Wasington, Feb 6: Hoolywood actress Jennifer Aniston has been signed on to star in fertility-themed comedy “The Baster” alongside actor Jason Bateman.

Will Speck and Josh Gordon, who previously teamed for the comedy “Blades of Glory”,

Will helm the project based on Jeffrey Eugenides short story “Baster”.

The film revolves around a neurotic & insecure man (Bateman) who finds out his best friend (Aniston) wants to a child through artificial insemination.

He secretly replaces her donor’s semen with his own & is then forced to live with the secret that he is the real father of the kid.

This is the second artificial insemination film to get the green signal in recent weeks.

Last year’s comedy “Baby Mama”, also about a fertility-challenged woman, it was a box-office success for Universal Pictures .

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Miley Adds Racist Gag to Already Long List of Photo Scandals

(Feb. 3) - Miley Cyrus has had her share of photo scandals in the past couple years, ranging from racy pics on her MySpace page to statements of regret over her mature photo shoot with Annie Leibowitz. Her latest scandal has angered more than parents and fans looking for a good role model - a photo of Miley and her friends pulling back their eyelids to adopt an archaic, racist caricature of Asian people has leaked to the web.