Sunday, August 31, 2008

Menaxxshi Sharma-Shahbana Azmi of olden days is back!

Menaxxshi Sharma has a lot of uniqueness in her portfolio. She's been Miss Teen, is known to be a beautician and has been both, a sport anchor and a writer. But that’s not what men find intimidating about her. Its her gymming schedule that they do. Being a fitness buff, Menaxxshi Sharma hits the gym every day. She also analyses her diet every day.She also analyses her diet and workout schedules on a weekly basis, and reads up everything on the subject she can lay her hands on.
Q) When you were bitten by the acting bugs?
A) I am a born actor.So no question of acting bugs.
Q) To what extent are you gone for exposure as far as bollywood is concerned?
A) Though I hail from a modern family, I know where to draw the line but at the same time let me tell you that it does not in any way stop me from doing what I feel is right.
Q)What kind of roles do you want to do in serials as an actress?
A) I am very keen on doing a variety of roles because I do not want to get typecast.I am even ready to take a negative role if I feel that it is strong enough for me to do it convincingly.
Q) What are your aims as an actress?
A) As an actress I want to make sure that I am able to leave a distinct path of my own. At the same time I am also equally desirous of experimenting as an actress by working with new directors who have fire in them to prove themselves.
Q) Please tell me about your work?A) I have completed acting course from one of the best institute name "Kishore Namit Kapoor" acting lab in Mumbai. I have been trained in dancing with Shamak Dawar and have also done various classes regarding dance. I have done Many TV commercials for the brand Amul ice -cream, TVS scooty, Godrej for hair, Reliance Mobile then I have been feature in Femina Magazine.Did prints for Macdonalds, BPL mobile, Kirplon, Femina Girl and catalogue for Indian outfits.I have been worked for a Sweden Magazine which was been shot by the photographer name Andre Wolf. I have done few TV serials but not in the lead role, now I want to do the main lead role in TV serials as well as in Bollywood Cinema. I want to make all proud of me as Best human being and to be the best model, TV actress and Bollywood actress. by Rajendra Ganotra IB mumbai

Age-vein Therapy at andheri mumbai by Subash Sawant

Mr. Subash Sawant is Naturopathy Doctor, trained under Dr.David James (London) on "Body Science" for three years. At the same time as sports person from school days he was involved in fitness related things and has done fitness training course, yoga course, acupressure and massage course and has done 2 years practical training in ayurveda and unani medicines. After 10 years of research he has invented "Age-Vein Therapy" for the people who want to stay fit, look young and want to live long life without any disease.
Age-vein Therapy technique is very unique and different, that's why he personally treats all his patients and has no assistance.
He is the only person in Asia who is doing this type of Therapy. This Therapy is his own creation that's why the method of doing this treatment is very different from other Therapies available in the world and not copied from any other Therapy.
In this treatment every seating takes 1 to 2 hours. It depends upon the body of every patient for number of settings. After completion of "Age-Vein Therapy" treatment you will feel energetic and you will regain the past power as well as strength. Body pain and exhaustion will disappear and without exercise your body will gain the shape. Your outlook towards your life will change and most important your age will reduce. The body will change both internally as well as externally. This Therapy is very safe and has no side effects afterwards. Your body itself will cure for any disease. You can balance your body, relief from stress , you can have body shaping ,weight reduction and age reduction. Some from the glamour world are Shashi Sharma, Jyoti Gauba, Neelu Ahuja and Maadhuri. His contact number is 9820120145, 9867222980
by Rajendra Ganotra IB mumbai

"We are two different bodies but one soul" says ADBOYZ of Lond

After a hit number "nagada nagada" now ADBOYZ are going to sing the song "bhootni ke " in "Singh is king"A.D.BOYZ says" According to our experiences today in bollywood everything works on contacts.Gone are the days where directors or producers would find some one nice or suitable in a park or station or a mall and say"Yes I will make him/her a star".Today everything is on connections guys and girls are focussing more on building their contacts than their acting.Today you can't count three people on your finger tips who are heroes from a non-film".
In an interview with Rajendra Ganotra and Vijay Shanker,ADBOYZ reveal their secrets.
Q) From where did you learn music?
A) Its God-gift to us.We planned it when we were small.We thanks our parent for supporting and guiding us.Lots of friends for giving us an opportunity to become what we are today.
Q) What do you think of religion?
A) Religion is a part of our life,but it doesn't matter inside the room.
Q) Do you believe in magic?
A) We do,but so far,we've no personal experiences.
Q) How relevant is classical music today?
A) Normally people feel that Indian Classical music is dying but it is not.So as there are alot of youngsters who have taken up classical music seriously.Classical music is a rich art hence can't die easily.
Q) What is the future of classical music ?
A) The future of classical music is quite bright,there is no doubt about it.
Q) What is the one piece of advice you want to share with people your age?
A) The new India is for its youth, and the world is open to us.We must take the country forward in what over field we are.
Q) Who is your matinee idol?
A) Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan.
Q) Who inspired you to become singers?
A) Our mother.
Q) Which actor you would love to go on a date with?
A) Salman Khan.
Q) What is romance to you?
A) It is a state of mind where in you and your love are in a state of pure bliss.It could be memories and romantic.
Q) Do you believe in the institution of marriage?
A) It's a beautiful bond where in you make a commitment to the person you love the most.
Q)Do you face competition?
A) No,we like competition.
Q) Do you feel pop music is on a down slide right now?
A) No, we don't feel it is on a down slide.
Q) When is your album comming up?
A) At the end of this year.
Q) Do international audiences differ from the Indian ones?
A) Abroad,they love improvisation.In India, audiences are more into melody and gimmicks.
Q) What next?
A) Many things in the pipeline but we don't want to disclose it now.
by Rajendra Ganotra IB mumbai

Success party of Phoonk at JW Marriot

The Concept ot the movie "Phoonk" is every once in a while we either hear or experience things which cannot have a rational explanation.The truth of the matter is that we have very little knowledge and understanding of life and its various mysteries.The story of "Phoonk" demands an answer from you to the question that no matter how much of a non-believer you are,can you truly stand by your convictions especially when you or your loved ones are seemingly being threatened by demonic forces whose very existence your rational mind refuses to accept?
The story idea is Rajiv, a successful construction engineer with a loving wife and two children aged 10 and 8, is an etheist to the core.He scoffs at God and even more at people who believe in the dark forces till one day when an evil was let loose in his happy home threatening to destroy his family and shake up the very foundations of his family and shake up the very foundations of his convictions and belief systems.
by Rajendra Ganotra IB mumbai


Ramdevji maharaj came specially from Haridwar for the award function organised by The Indian Vegetarian Congress .The event started on time as Ramdevji came on time.Entire auditorium was full.The event was at NCPA,narimon point.Aditi Govitrikar came early.Sunil Pal was the last to come for the event.Everyone related to vegetarianism came for the event and took blessings from Ramdevji maharaj.Ramdevji maharaj gave the awards and told everyone that vegetarians are soft and simple people and they live more than non vegetarians.Everyone was asked to put their mobiles on sielent mode for the function.DR.Rangaswamu Velu (minister of railway),Hemant Shah(chairman of Akruti Constructions) also came for the event.
by IB correspondent mumbai